Case Study: Top Flite

Rocking a re-brand to reverse declining sales.

Top Flite

Rocking a re-brand to reverse declining sales.


Saddled with a poor reputation, golfers were down on Top Flite—and sales were down too. The brand had to signal real change, real fast, before better-funded brands jumping into the category stole share.


Results withheld at client request.


Qualitative and quantitative data revealed:

A large segment of golfers who don’t see the sport as their passion, but just a chance to escape, crack some beers, and have fun with friends.

This escape often involves listening to music on the course, usually rock or country.

“A fun round and some laughs at the 19th hole are just as important as the score after 18.”
Insight gleaned from research and test modules


Motivated the audience to action by:

Adopting a new, bold positioning (Rock n’ Roll golf) and re-branding Top Flite from a new logo, to new product names to new packaging

Quickly communicating the benefits of each ball on eye-catching point-of-sale displays and packaging which helped to overcome the lack of a marketing campaign
Creating a tagline that also served as a call to action: BLAST IT

Packaging that pops.

Packaging that pops.

Cranking up the sales volume.

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