Case Study: Intivity

Bringing multiple brands together to set them apart.


Bringing multiple brands together to set them apart.


FM Office Express (FMOE) asked Flynn to help unify its subsidiaries and create a new brand for its impressive suite of office products and consultation services.

With several brands and a variety of offerings causing confusion among clients and vendors, it needed a consistent visual identity and messaging. With its expertise in office design and installation, FMOE wanted to be known as more than just an office-supply provider.

“Flynn’s hard work will ultimately assist us in our transition from multiple brands into one, and we’re very grateful.”
Fabricio S. Morales
President  //  Intivity


Our data team’s deep dive into the marketplace helped us find an ownable space for the new brand, revealing a striking sameness among the 17 competitors. Bland color schemes, a surprising lack of design sensibility, and mostly descriptive names did little to differentiate.

So we recommended an invented name with a bright, contemporary icon that clearly communicates “everything office”—while preserving one of the legacy brand colors unique to the marketplace.

What’s in a name? Plenty.

After considering hundreds of possibilities, our recommendation combined a list of brand attributes into a memorable name that both communicates and elevates:

“The Flynn team did a great job understanding our business climate and competitive landscape, then offered brand choices that will help create our unique ‘white space.’”
Fabricio S. Morales
President  //  Intivity

Built from the ground up.

Finally, we created a complete brand identity guide—everything from Mission, Vision, Promise, and Persona to detailed design guidelines—to help everyone at Intivity confidently speak in a single voice.

“The launch has been well-received among customers and colleagues alike. It’s very exciting to see the new name and brand come to life.”
Ally Guinane
Marketing Manager  //  Intivity

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