Case Study: Mindex

Evolving a brand to inspire its future.


Evolving a brand to inspire its future.


Over its more than 25-year history, Mindex had successfully evolved to keep pace with changes in its core competency: software development. Its brand, though, had developed a split personality that was in need of some therapy. 

Mindex had two business enterprises: Professional Services offered full lifecycle software development, while SchoolTool™ led the way in web-based student management systems. Different logos, different color schemes, and even different websites created a disconnect that impacted both customer and employee recruitment.


After digging in to understand the two businesses—and reviewing the competitive landscape for each—we realized that the company excelled in each area because of the other. Having developed SchoolTool™ from the ground up substantiated Professional Services’ expertise in application development. And the talent and technology within Professional Services proved that SchoolTool™ could support robust capabilities.

Our solution brought them together with an updated visual identity and clearly articulated messaging.

This approach also established a standard for future products or brand extensions.

In addition to a new brand identity system, we gave voice to the Mindex brand through positioning copy and an ownable tagline:

Bright minds. Thoughtful execution.

Brand guidelines assured that everyone in the company could look and act as one.

“Flynn really helped us articulate who we are and what makes us special. Now, with this cohesive system, we can better communicate with customers and prospects. And I love our new website—our capabilities really shine.”
Marc C. Fiore
President  //  Mindex
Our new website showcased what unites the enterprises, and what differentiates them. And because continuing to grow the company’s talent pool was important, the benefits of working at Mindex were woven throughout.
“Flynn was a great partner, helping us achieve all of our goals and adding value every step of the way.”
Marc C. Fiore
President  //  Mindex

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