Case Study: Dundee Ales & Lagers

Taking a bottom-shelf brand to the top of the craft beer world.

Dundee Ales & Lagers

Taking a bottom-shelf brand to the top of the craft beer world.


Beer retailers and distributors thought of Dundee as a tired, lower-shelf brand. Beer drinkers weren’t thinking much about it at all.


We knew that repositioning Dundee would take more than a new label. We began with the realization that just like every beer drinker is different, we needed to create a unique personality for each Dundee brew. And we recognized that we couldn’t be perceived as high-end while still carrying a low-end price tag. So, we helped the client successfully make the case for raising Dundee’s price, convincing distributors that it should be placed up the shelf with other premium craft brews.


craft pack

craft pack
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“As a person in the industry, I would say this makeover is pure genius and will definitely result in increased sales. They’ve done as good of a job as I’ve seen in my 10 years in the business.”
George F. Bradley III
General Manager  //  Westy’s Beer Distributor

A complete brand redesign let beer drinkers know what each SKU was all about.

Then we targeted them with the message to “Be Yourself”—and to choose the Dundee that best fit their mood, mindset, or meal.

We launched the new look with sales collateral designed to get distributors and retailers excited about Dundee again.

Big, bold point-of-sale helped grab beer drinkers’ attention.

We also created a causal campaign to create awareness of the plight of honey bees and colony collapse disorder, all tied into Dundee Honey Brown Lager.

As time went on, we branded additional Dundee seasonal beers for occasions such as Oktoberfest and the winter holidays.

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