Case Study: Plum Life

Designing an industry-disrupting brand from scratch.

Plum Life

Designing an industry-disrupting brand from scratch.


For nearly a decade, the insurance industry had largely ignored the agent channel. Plum Life’s founders had a plan to change that. They created a truly revolutionary life insurance company that allowed agents to sell policies digitally, married with a direct-to-consumer experience that offered consumers both the expertise of an agent-advisor and the convenience of buying online. Plum Life’s brand needed to feel as fresh and innovative as the founders’ approach.


The more we learned about the Plum Life founders’ mission, the more we knew that simplicity would set their brand apart. It needed to radiate clarity, ease, approachability, and smarts—the same things Plum Life promises its audience.

So, Flynn developed a brand look that was smart and tech-savvy, but also warm and inviting. We chose unique brand colors—plum being one of them—that established a unique identity in the crowded insurance category.

The new brand was put to work immediately throughout a Flynn-designed website. The star of the show was the unique portal and dashboard that allow advisors to run all of their business from their phone. We also emphasized the overall user experience, carefully designing every functional element to maximize ease and efficiency, allowing advisors to focus more on their clients, and less on administrative tasks.


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“Flynn created something completely fresh and achieved our objective of differentiating from existing insurance brands—something that breaks through and speaks directly to the advisor.”
Rahim Rajpar
CMO & Co-Founder   //   Plum Life

175 Sully’s Trail

Pittsford, NY 14534

Suite 100