Flynnsights // March 2, 2022

HCPs are People (and Digital Media Users), Too

Reaching Healthcare Practitioners With Your Marketing

Zach Frost

Zach Frost

Associate Director of Digital Media

Ashley Rieflin

Ashley Rieflin

Digital Media Analyst

Doctors’ offices were never a place you’d go to read the latest issues of your favorite magazines. Of course, these days, you may not read printed magazines—or newspapers—at all. And the media consumption of the doctors and other healthcare practitioners who work in those offices has also changed.

While traditional tactics including emails, trade journals (increasingly online), and medical websites may still play a role, the fact is some of the most popular sites don’t allow ads. And it turns out that HCPs are spending less time on them than other digital activities.

Flynn Chief Media Officer Bob Burch says when it comes to their media consumption, physicians and other HCPs aren’t as different as you might think.

HCPs are active on Facebook and other social platforms

We’ve learned that you can extend your reach and frequency by engaging with HCPs in consumer channels. Like most of us, healthcare practitioners use social media to connect with others, and we’ve seen a lot of success targeting HCPs as they check their feeds—particularly on Facebook.1

Reaching HCPs in more of the places they’re online

Of course, healthcare practitioners use the web for far more than social media. So, we’ve had success reaching them wherever they are online using programmatic digital display.


Whether they’re young or old, the overwhelming majority of HCPs also subscribe to streaming services. So connected TV can also be an effective way to reach them with video content.

Longform content drives engagement

No matter the medium, HCPs prefer longform content that can go deeper on topics that interest them. So when you’re creating longform content, be sure to include a compelling educational component—and don’t forget a prominent link to contact a rep to learn more.

Bottom line: if you want to be sure you’re reaching who you want, when you want with your healthcare marketing and content, make sure it’s appearing where and how HCPs are using digital channels.

1. Sermo Social Platform Poll, January 2022
2. MedPoint Physician Survey, 2021
3. MedData Point Infographic: How are HCPs Learning About New Rx and Treatment Options?

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