You’re paying for every click. But are they the right clicks?

You’re paying for every click. But are they the right clicks?

It’s not as simple as going live. A high-performing paid search campaign is the product of a hundred little decisions—the campaign structure, targeting, keywords, ad copy, budget, extensions, and more. And when you’re investing thousands
of dollars, campaign errors and inefficiencies can add up
real quick.

Featured Project: Paid Search Audit ($12k+)

If your paid search results are raising some eyebrows (and not in a good way!), call us. Our Paid Search Audit improves ROAS, CPAs, and other efficiency metrics while identifying and minimizing budget waste. In just 3-4 weeks, you’ll get a comprehensive review of your SEM strategy including:

SEM Audit Report

We’ll audit your account structure, campaign and
ad group settings, conversion tracking and tagging configurations, keyword selection, search terms, match types, bid strategies, and much more. You get detailed findings and analysis in shareable PDF format.

SEM Action Plan

You get a detailed roadmap to improve your campaign(s) based on audit findings including proposed tests. The action plan will balance both level of effort and projected impact.

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Why stop at paid search?
Check out these optional add-ons.

SEO Audit

We’ll do a comprehensive review of how your website is performing for organic search, including search presence, authority, rankings, and technical performance. Then we’ll provide a prioritized action plan to improve your website’s performance over time.

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Landing Page Concepting

Building on insights from the Paid Search Audit, we’ll design 1-2 custom landing page templates to help amplify your paid search dollars and better convert landing page visitors into MQLs or SQLs.

Ready to put your paid search woes to rest?

It’s painful to know your paid search campaigns could be working harder. Even more painful is not knowing how to fix them. We’ll help you wrangle your campaigns like a pro for bigger returns and far less waste.

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