Data & Daring Challenge

Daring To Make A Difference

This holiday, we’re focusing the power of data and daring on making a difference in our community—and we’re inviting you to join us! All December, we’ll be sharing the results of a survey we conducted of 1000 Americans, and then daring you (and all of us) to act based on what we learned.

Dare 7

Free Til Four

The data says 49% of us will travel an hour or more to be with friends and family this holiday.
However far you travel, when you get there, we dare you to really be there Christmas Day—and to put down your phone until (at least) 4pm.


Dare 1

One More Gift

The data says that 43% of us will give 11 or more gifts this holiday.
We dare you to give at least one gift to a children’s hospital, women’s shelter, or other charitable cause. Take a pic, post it to social media tagged with #FlynnChallenge and we’ll share it!
Give to Toys for Tots

Dare 2

Another 5%

The data says that 28% of Americans will take on a second job or work more hours to pay for the holidays.
We dare you to tip another 5% this holiday season to help your hardworking neighbors.

Dare 3

Connect 3

The data says only 27% of us regularly talk with more than five friends.
We dare you to call and reconnect with three Facebook friends you haven’t talked to in at least a year.

Dare 4

Connect 4

The data says only 27% of Americans will volunteer this holiday.
We dare you to spend some time helping out in your community. Take a pic, post it to social media tagged with #FlynnChallenge and we’ll share it!

Dare 5

Surprise a Stranger

The data says 66% of us only interact with strangers once a month or less.
We dare you to spread some joy by giving a stranger a $5 gift card. Or, like us, make it a surprise!

Dare 6

Pay it Thru

The data says 68% of Americans find the holidays stressful.
We dare you to brighten someone’s day by paying for their order and starting a “pay it forward” chain next time you’re in a drive thru line. Learn more:

The Challenge At Work

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