Case Study: Teleflex

Protecting a market leader in a dangerous position.


Protecting a market leader in a dangerous position.


With the patent expiring on its signature polymer locking clip for surgical ligation, Teleflex faced significant threats from knock-off companies poised to steal market share.


We knew that surgeons demand dependable performance—but also face financial pressures to work with less costly devices. So we needed to draw their attention to the security data that would influence their clip choice. We tested creative approaches, and went with the winner: a visual metaphor that made it perfectly clear how important it was to put their trust in the original Hem-o-lok clip.


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Harnessing data to drive performance.

In developing our media plan, we heeded a key data point: 63% of medical/surgical professionals still rate print journals as important in helping them stay abreast of new developments. So we positioned our message both within the pages of those journals and their online editions.

Then, with the digital assets, tested nuanced messaging while refining creative throughout the campaign. It was an approach that not only kept the competition at bay: it helped drive double-digit growth in sales.

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