Case Study: Dick’s Sporting Goods

Telling a superior retail story without sounding superior.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Telling a superior retail story without sounding superior.


After opening stores across Houston, Dick’s Sporting Goods had a presence across Texas. But they also faced a large, long-established “hometown” competitor. Dick’s needed a way to clearly demonstrate their many competitive advantages without coming across as arrogant or mean-spirited.


Since we knew we had a better story to tell, we decided to forego subtlety. We found a way to directly compare and contrast the two retailers without coming across as aggressive or boastful via a good-natured conversation between two sales associates from Dick’s and “Acme Sporting Goods.”


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Updating at the speed of retail.

As the business climate and competitive conditions changed, we quickly developed spots with more price- and savings-oriented messaging.

Reaching un
grupo importante.

With Spanish being the first language of many Texas shoppers, we knew we’d make a stronger connection if we communicated with them in their native tongue—leading to the campaign being produced in both English and Spanish.

ACME: What a beautiful bike!

DSG: Oh yeah, it’s a GT!


DSG: Yup. We have Mountain Bikes, BMX, and Road Bikes. The bikes of champions! And you guys, what do you have?

ACME: Nothing.

DSG: . . . super.

Buoyed by early success, Dick’s Sporting Goods continued to grow its Texas market share and add stores across the Houston area. And, like every one of their commercials, these spots ended by showing the Dick’s logo featuring the tagline we developed nearly 20 years ago: Every Season Starts At Dick’s.

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